Windsor Animal ClinicWindsor Animal Clinic Windsor, CT

Dr.Larry Pennington, primary veterinarian and practice owner:

Dr. Pennington is a 1979 graduate of Ohio State University. He began practicing in Connecticut in 1980 and became the owner of the Windsor Animal Clinic in 1986. Growing up on a farm in Ohio, his love for animals paved the way to a very fruitful career that has included working with Hartford Area youth in a veterinary science 4-H club which he started, helping animal charities and rescue groups, spearheading a major dog walk, and providing pet therapy for the elderly.

Eric J. Galster, DVM

Dr. Galster graduated from Purdue University vet school in 1974. Moving east from his native Indiana, he started practicing in Bolton, CT doing equine, as well as small animal medicine and surgery.Over the next 20 years, he became more proficient in surgery, especially orthopedics - with advanced training primarily at Ohio State. In April, 2010, he began his own mobile surgery practice with his wife Maribeth, as his assistant manager. Besides surgery he enjoys cutting stained glass, woodworking, tennis, hockey, and sports cars.

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